Durco Plug Valves G4 Sleeveline Valves

Durco G4 Plug Valve
Durco®  G4 Sleeveline Valves

T4E – PFA Lined Plug Valve

   Flowserve invented the non-lubricated  plug valve for the most corrosive and difficult chemical services where drop-tight shutoff is an absolute requirement. Nearly 50 years later there are many imitators  but no substitute for the quality and reli- ability, versatility and value you receive with Sleeveline valves.
Series: G4Z-HF, TSG4, G4 and G4BMG4 and MG4B 3-Way Valves, T4E-PFA, G4EB, MG4 3, G4Z/G4EZ/MMG4Z/G4EZB/ Mach 1.
  Durco T4E Plug Valve

T4E – PFA Lined Plug Valve
Durco Mach 1 Plug Valve

Mach 1 – High Performance Plug Valve

Durco G4E Plug Vlave

G4EB Marathon High Performance Plug Valve
Durco G4Z/G4EZ Plug Valve

G4Z / G4EZ / MG4Z / G4EZB Fire Sealed Plug Valves
 Durco MG4 Plug Vlave

MG4 3-Way Metallic Plug Valve
Durco G4 Plug Valve

G4 – Metallic Sleeved Plug Valve
 Durco G4EB / Marathon





G4EB / Marathon