GESTRA Manual valve / for steam / compact / universal TS 36

Manual valve / for steam / compact / universal TS 36 GESTRA AG

A winning team: compact, robust steam trap with no loss of steam, combined with all stop valves and with test and drainage function.

The TrapStation TS 36 encompasses the universal connector, two stop valves – which are accessibly positioned and clearly colour-coded to ensure easy and safe operation – a drainage valve with dirt strainer for removing corrosion products, and a test valve. A straightforward function test can be performed in no time, and the steam trap can be easily cleaned. This considerably extends its service life.

The functional units available for connection to universal connectors are:

Steam traps with membrane regulator – MK 36A-71/-72
Bimetallic steam traps – BK 36A-7
Thermodynamic steam traps – DK 36A-7
Inverted bucket steam traps – IB 16A-7

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