manual valve / temperature control

No outside energy or maintenance required

The cost efficiency of heating systems depends to a great extent on how well the heating medium stays at the right temperature for operation.
This can be helped by BW return-temperature control valves, which keep the set return temperature constant. The heating medium is only discharged after it has cooled down to the set closing temperature. This thrifty operation reduces running costs.


temperature control valve / for water / industrial

Flowserve’s Temperature Control Valves come in two sub-configurations: the cooling water control valves GESTRAMAT, and the return-temperature control valves KALORIMAT. The cooling water valves consist of the CW41 and CW44, the CW41/4 and CW44K, and the MCW41. The return-temperature valves are comprised of the BW31 for hot water, and the BW31 A for thermal oil purposes.


GESTRA Disc check valve RK 86 series

Disc check valve / for industrial applications / spring RK 86 series GESTRA AG

The RK86 and RK86A are non-return valves manufactured by FLOWSERVE®. They are designed for liquids, gases and vapours. It can be used in various applications such as circulations check, breather, vacuum breaker, foot valve, check valve and RK 86 40 pressure-maintening valve, among others. This device works on low temperatures, aggresive liquids, bioler feedwater range and other factory operations.

GESTRA Disc check valve spring RK 76

Disc check valve / for industrial applications / for HVAC / spring RK 76 GESTRA AG

These are the versions available of the product :
The RK41 which is highlysuited for heating installations ; the RK44; the RK44S which is suited for sea water as well as drinking water ; the RK76 which suitable for industrial applications.
For liquids, gases, vapours. Application as gravity circulation check, vacuum breaker, breather, foot valve, pressure-maintaining valve, check valve .

GESTRA Condensate drain mechanical GK 11, GK 21

Condensate drain / automatic / manual / mechanical GK 11, GK 21 GESTRA AG

Drainage rate: up to 390 tons of condensate an hour
GK 11 and GK 21 Super steam traps are manually controlled traps with integrated sightglass. GK 11 and GK 21 steam traps are used for discharging large, continuous condensate flowrates at low pressure.


These traps are suitable for the effective, manual drainage of evaporators, and are chiefly employed in:
Sugar refineries
The aluminium industry

GESTRA thermostatic TK 23, TK 24

Condensate drain / automatic / thermostatic TK 23, TK 24 GESTRA AG

Drainage rate: up to 140 tons of condensate an hour

TK 23 and TK 24 Duo Super steam traps are highly responsive steam traps with pilot control through GESTRA thermostatic capsules. They are used for discharging large and continuous condensate flowrates.


These steam traps are suitable for the automatic drainage of heat exchangers. They are especially recommended for:
Heat exchangers with a high output
Large boilers
Brewing kettles
Chemical and petrochemical processes

GESTRA Condensate drain automatic AK 45

Condensate drain / air / automatic AK 45 GESTRA AG

Replaces hand-operated or separately operated valves on start-up

The AK 45 rapidly and automatically discharges air and condensate from steam systems on start-up and drains residual fluid when the system is stopped. It is also used for frost protection. The integrated spring enables the AK 45 to open without pressure. The valve closes as soon as the operating pressure increases to the closing pressure set for the AK 45. When the operating pressure falls below closing pressure once more, the AK 45 is opened by spring force and drains residual fluid, preventing the formation of a vacuum.


Suitable for all steam and condensate systems:
For drainage when starting and stopping
For frost protection

GESTRA Testing unit VKP 10, VKP 40 plus, VKP 40 plus Ex

Testing unit VKP 10, VKP 40 plus, VKP 40 plus Ex GESTRA AG

Prevent steam leakage and banked-up condensate with state-of-the-art technology
Steam traps are subject to wear. This in turn leads to loss of steam or banking-up of condensate. Experience shows that the failure rate of faulty steam traps is as much as 25 %. This failure rate can be slashed to less than 5 % with annual inspections and the necessary maintenance.


Steam traps of all makes can be inspected by ultrasonic measurement during ongoing operation. The measured ultrasonic spectrum is shown on a display unit as needle deflection on a scale, or as a curve on a graph, depending on the testing system used.

GESTRA Flow control valve for steam VK, NRG, VKE

Flow control valve / purge / for steam VK, NRG, VKE GESTRA AG

Visual or electronic – a reliable watchdog for every steam trap

Unwanted banking-up of condensate leads to an inadequate exchange of heat and to water hammers that damage the material. A loss of steam costs energy and therefore constitutes a major financial loss. Moreover, both of these can adversely affect system safety. Therefore, monitoring steam traps for the banking-up of condensate and loss of steam always makes sense. Sightglasses – GESTRA Vaposkops – or monitoring electrodes are a fixed part of the equipment.


VK Vaposkops are valves that allow you to see flow processes in pipes. When they are installed upstream of a steam trap, you can easily see whether the steam trap is suffering a banking-up of condensate or loss of steam.

NRG electrodes measure conductivity or temperature and therefore recognise, either in an upstream VKE test chamber or in the steam trap itself, the presence of an abnormal operating state. The electrode signal is processed by a single or multi-channel diagnostic tester.

GESTRA Screw-in fitting UC 36, UCY 36

Screw-in fitting / straight / angle / compact UC 36, UCY 36 GESTRA AG

Compact connector with swivel connection
The universal connector is available with and without integrated dirt trap.
The steam traps can be secured with just two screws. Installation and removal is therefore extremely simple.
For connection to universal connectors, we offer:
Steam traps with membrane regulator – MK 36A-71/-72
Bimetallic steam traps – BK 36A-7
Thermodynamic steam traps – DK 36A-7
Inverted bucket steam traps – IB 16A-7

GESTRA Manual valve / for steam / compact / universal TS 36

Manual valve / for steam / compact / universal TS 36 GESTRA AG

A winning team: compact, robust steam trap with no loss of steam, combined with all stop valves and with test and drainage function.

The TrapStation TS 36 encompasses the universal connector, two stop valves – which are accessibly positioned and clearly colour-coded to ensure easy and safe operation – a drainage valve with dirt strainer for removing corrosion products, and a test valve. A straightforward function test can be performed in no time, and the steam trap can be easily cleaned. This considerably extends its service life.

The functional units available for connection to universal connectors are:

Steam traps with membrane regulator – MK 36A-71/-72
Bimetallic steam traps – BK 36A-7
Thermodynamic steam traps – DK 36A-7
Inverted bucket steam traps – IB 16A-7

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